Hemostatic Trauma Bandages for Animals

The Qwick-AID® Multi-Use Hemostatic Bandage is an all-natural composite textile. Its patented technology has many effective applications for treating operative and post-operative animal wounds of all sizes.

Qwick-AID® Bandages have been used in trauma and surgical procedures in a major zoo medical center. When the San Diego Zoo received donated elephants from the circus their feet were in need of repair due to the restraining chains, QwickAID® was the bandage of choice for the immediate surgery.

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    STOPS  bleeding in under a minute!


  •     Evacuates discharge from wounds
  •     Will not stick to the wound
  •     Natural, non-allergenic antiseptics
  •     No thermogenic reaction
  •     Accelerates natural healing process
  •     Ideal for slow healing wounds

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