Wound care dressing for Veterinarians


A Trauma Dressing

  • Halts capillary/vascular bleeding in 30-45 seconds
  • Highly efficient in hemostasis in venous hemorrhage from small and medium veins
  • Hemostatic Effect develops within first minute of 100% of cases
  • Recommended for use in trauma, surgery, and cavitary operations

For Slow Healing Wounds

  • Assists in the formation of soft elastic scars
  • Accelerates re-epithelization of wounds
  • No occurrence of allergic reaction or local irritation
  • No thermogenic reactions
  • Easy and cost effective in broad veterinary practice

"I found Qwick-AID bandage application to be very effective in stopping the bleeding and enhance ulcer healing. It is easy to apply, works fast and even provides extra cushion and protection to very sensitive spots."     -Avi Zechory, DVM

When the San Diego Zoo received elephants donated by the circus, immediate surgery was required on their legs/feet due to restraining chains; Qwick-AID® was the bandage of choice for this surgery and post operative healing.

Product Facts

  • Qwick-AID’s primary use is for early wound management
  • The dressing stops vascular and capillary bleeding in seconds
  • The unique, specially formulated first layer assures good hemostatic effect while the second layer promotes cell migration and evacuates discharge from the wound
  • The third layer has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic characteristics

From major surgery, dental operations to post-operative healing and first aid for your pets, Qwick-AID will handle the job!

Everyday in almost every aspect of our lives products and services are constantly being up-dated. From computers to cars to mobile phones and sports equipment. No one wants last week’s product, let alone last year's.

So why would you look at your veterinary supplies or first aid kit any differently?