Emergency Wound Dressing for Dogs

The Qwick-AID® Bandage is a trauma dressing designed to provide immediate first-aid for you and your dog while hunting or participating in a field trial.

As a First Responder you can now eliminate & greatly reducing the risks of severe injury by carrying Qwick-AID® Bandage in your shirt or the vest pocket, buying you valuable time until medical assistance is rendered.We all have a responsibility to be prepared for an emergency situation. From barbed wire fences, branches and rocks to unseen farm implements left in a field your dog and you are at risk to injury.

The ability of Qwick-AID® to stop bleeding in seconds can make a huge difference in a dog’s recovery from severe field injuries.

Dressing for First Responders
Early Wound Management

  • Stops vascular and capillary bleeding in seconds
  • Will not stick to a wound
  • Air permeable
  • Re-moisturize with water for extended wound care
  • May be used with pharmaceutical topicals

“I have been raising English Springer Spaniels since 1996 and participate regularly in AKC Hunt Tests and Field Trials, as a competitor and a judge. Due to the nature of hunting upland game, our dogs are in a position to get injured from heavy brush, downed tree limbs, rocks or other natural cover. I have personally seen dogs come back to handlers with cuts and bleeding, some so severely requiring immediate transport to a vet for multiple stitches caused by jumping over rocks and protruding tree branches.

I have always carried medical supplies in my truck: gauze, alcohol and tape but since learning of the remarkable benefits of Qwick-AID, I now carry Qwick-AID in both my vehicle and in my vest when out in the field with my dogs.”

-Bev Matthews - Osage Kennel

“"We have added the Qwick-AID Trauma Bandage to our kennels first aide kit and I also make sure that I carry one in my vest pocket when training or trialing my dog. Any hunter or field trailer needs to add Qwick-AID Bandages to their emergency kit as a precaution to unforeseen accidents, to their dogs or themselves while in the field."

-E. Faraci, Mountain View Kennels

The Qwick-AID® Multi-Use Bandage is a three-layered all natural composite textile. Its patented technology has many effective applications for treating post-operative wounds of all sizes.

Qwick-AID® dressings have been used in trauma and surgical procedures in a major zoo medical center in treating Asian elephants, zebra, giant tortoises, and pigeons. They have reported a great time and cost savings vs. the foams, gauze and wrappings currently in use. A large equine surgery center reported complete hemostasis in 30 - 60 seconds for throat and leg surgery.

Everyday in almost every aspect of our lives products and services are constantly being up-dated. From computers to cars to mobile phones and sports equipment; no one wants last week’s product, let alone last years. So why would you look at your veterinary supplies or first aid kit any differently?


STOPS bleeding in under a minute!

  • Evacuates discharge from wounds
  • Will not stick to the wound
  • Natural, non-allergenic antiseptics
  • No thermogenic reaction
  • Accelerates natural healing process
  • Ideal for slow healing wounds